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Note: The political and religious views of the sites below do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Golden Lantern.


Aggarwal Overseas
Aggarwal Overseas is an online Indian store offering affordable books on travel, yoga, ayurveda, arts, history, and other topics.

Visit www.poeticmatrix.com to experience poems, sometimes with accompanying music, on spiritual and politically progressive themes. The site also excerpts poems from chapbooks, which poeticmatrix produces.


jeromes niece
This is a Buddhist poetry art blog that's driven by user submissions, including their favorite quotes from the sutras. Please visit this very interesting site and send along your favorite quotes.

Comprendre Bouddhsime
A French-language site about Buddhism.

Quickest Way Out
What is enlightenment, and how do we get there? Transcend the boundaries of religion and science by seeking truth through personal experience. Presenting effective techniques unique to Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism and fringe science, this site offers cleansing tools for the body and mind: thoughtful essays, product reviews, a resource guide and cleansing logs to support you on your journey toward a more enlightened life. It's enlightenment the way the Buddha intended: your responsibility, full-on.

Jing Xin Yuan
Lin Ai Wei is the main teacher of Jing Xin Yuan school of Buddhist cultivation based in Jinan city, Shandong province, China. For three years he has lived there, spreading the Buddha Dharma, Wing Chun, and Taiji Quan, as well as teaching meditation and various methods of cultivation.

Earth Meridian: Buddhist Images by Anya Langmead
Contemporary Buddhist images of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Some very attractive renderings, which can be copied for free, and one dense image is designed as free desktop wallpaper for your site. Available commercially on glossy paper and as wall hangings.

Buddhist Ambedkarite
Buddhist scriptures, commentaries on texts, and Buddhist conference material, updated monthly. Includes some nice photos and pictures too.

Buddhism Portal E-Sangha
E-Sangha is an established Buddhism portal that contains a huge Buddhist discussion forum & interactive chat, free books and sutras, e-cards services, Buddhism directory of links and a journal service. E-Sangha is a place where Buddhists are able to meet on the internet to discuss all matters relating to Buddhism.

This website features Buddhist quotes and blogs by several resident bloggers, additional blogs, and links to other sites. It uses the finger that points at the moon as the motif for a person's search for Enlightenment. A beautifully rendered moon in the darkening blue sky lights up the home page.

Dharma Crumbs
Bread Crumbs of Buddha Dharma, wandering down the buddhist path? Here are some bread crumbs on the path. Little snippits of the way. A Daily Buddhist Blog.

Ursache.at: The Buddhist On-Line Magazine
This on-line journal, written primarily in German, has extensive link pages, including many entries in English. It includes upcoming events, literature and art recommendations, CD's and other contemporary materials on Buddhism and Buddhist scholarship today.

Shantideva Society
The "Yahoo" of Buddhism, with free email accounts, a search engine that's Asian specific, an Associate Program in Buddhist Studies, and much more.

DharmaNet International
A perfect place to start. Countless links to Dharma centers, practice groups, online libraries, newsgroups, bulletin boards, personal pages, products, and services. All well organized and easy to navigate.

The Buddhism Depot
Discussion forum, live chat, mailing list, Dhammapada quote of the moment, art gallery, streaming audio, online bookstore, resources, and more.

An Italian-language site, with several English-language texts and plenty of links to English-lanauage sites.

Web site of the Buddhadharma International Trust. A site devoted to the core teachings of the Shakyamuni Buddha through Theravadin Buddhism. It's a large online sangha featuring lots of information and resources, with a little e-commerce thrown in.

Muktinath Foundation International
A Web site dedicated to Muktinath, a Buddhist convent and pilgrimage site in the Muktinath Valley in Nepal.

The Official Panchen Lama Web site
The Panchen Lama was six years old when he and his parents were kidnapped from their home in Tibet by the Chinese government. He is the world's youngest political prisoner and he has been missing for over four years.

Jewel Heart
Under the guidance of Spiritual Director Kyabje Gelek Rinpoche, Jewel Heart is a spiritual, cultural, and humanitarian organization that translates the ancient wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism into contemporary life.

The Zenophilia Series
The ongoing work of bob harbinson: A collection of zen- and taoist-inspired haiku, koan, poems, and pictures.

The Tibetan Art Shop
Fine Tibetan paintings, statues, ritual objects, incense, tea, and more. An affiliate of TibetShop.com.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet


On the Mountain
Literary poetry by a contemporary Taoist female monk. Jill Stephanie Morgyn has been publishing in Canada and the U.S. since 1997.

The Tao Bums
A Taoist discussion forum run by Sean Omlor, named in the spirit of Jack Kerouac and the Dharma Bums. It includes very informative material on gigong, tai chi, yoga, meditation, and health related issues.

Artwork, prose, book reviews, and cool stuff for sale.

The Wayfarer Sonnets: Companions to the Sixty-Four Hexagrams of the I Ching
Patrick D. Goldsmith's commentary in verse on each of the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching. The published work can be found here: http://www.lulu.com/pdgart

Walk of Ten Thousand Steps
Take a quick trip to the Philippines and visit Roh Mih's site,
the Walk of Ten Thousand Steps. It contains some of his poems, assorted blogs, and numerous translations and commentaries on the Te Tao Ching, the classic Taoist work.

Taoism Information Page
Provides links to mostly scholarly sites covering a wide range of topics, from the basic tenets of Taoism, to alchemy, feng shui, and martial arts. Excellent links to sites devoted to classical texts and Chinese language and culture.

The Daoism Depot
Over a dozen English translations of the Tao Te Ching and a few of the Chuang Tzu; an online bookstore, links to Taoist-related sites, discussion forum, live chat, art, and humor.

Taoist Circle Organization
An online Taoist community. Offers newsletter, chat, message board, links, mailing list, humor.

The Hermit's Cave: Mark Chan's Home Page
Poet, musician, and Golden Lantern author Mark Chan offers musical pieces from his three albums, as well as poetry, art, and Taoist musings.

Searing Sun Press
The home page of another Golden Lantern author, Paul Dolinsky. "We wish to modestly radiate some spiritual and metaphysical truths that have helped us in our lives, share some thoughts and references on natural healing, and present some of our original poetry."

True Tao Home Page
Articles, stories, teachings, highlights from the Tao Te Ching, and an explanation of I-Kuan Tao, one of Taiwan's largest faiths, are just some of the features of this site.

Tao Mountain
Poetry, stories, paintings.

The Taoist Restoration Society
A great site to learn a few things about religious Taoism, its gods, and its mystical practices. There's a thorough bibliography, a discussion board, and even a personals page.

An online Taoist community from Indonesia (English-language version available), exploring the cultural and philosophical beliefs of religious Taoism.