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The Winter 2013-2014 issue of The Golden Lantern is on http://thegoldenlantern-blog.tumblr.com. It includes two poems, Blueberries and Lullaby by Jonel Abellenosa, Misinterpretations and Retrieved Moments by Gary Beck, Melanchony by Cynthia Brandon, and my book review and analysis of Grace Marie Grafton's latest book of poems, Jester, published by Hip Pocket Press.

Important Announcement Regarding


I am looking for a person(s), to take over the publication of what has been our main site, our flagship site, http://thegoldenlantern.com (TGL).

It is taking too much time and energy for me to publish and edit not only TGL, but its two blog sites on Tumblr.com (http://thegoldenlantern-blog.tumbr.com and http://tgl-blog-companion.tumblr.com). By the end of March 2014, the hosting for the site will expire. By that date, TGL will have a new publisher, or it will cease to appear on the web. I will ask around, and please, do the same, among people you know.

I would hate to see TheGoldenLantern.com, with its 130+ authors, and hundreds and hundred of poems, fade from the web, like a sand painting. I know there are people out there who would enjoy maintaining and even improving TGL website. We just need to attract them, with positive thinking and diligent use of right intention, and through actives searching and networking.

TGL is a beautiful, and beautifully crafted site. It features name banners, which resemble custom-made plaques, for each poet. A listing of all contributors appears on a customized Author's. Page. The site is unique. It was designed and founded by a talented graphic artist and web designer, and has won awards for its artistry. To be listed, and have your poems appear in TGL, is perhaps comparable to having your work published in a gilt-edged book, with customized authors' pages, and inscribed lettering.

The successful new publisher would have a special interest in web graphic design and paint sites, and be well versed in their software application. This includes the two programs used with TGL, early versions of Photoshop and Dreamweaver, two very popular and powerful programs. The new publisher should presumably, enjoy working with graphic art. This position provides an excellent opportunity for someone to work on a fully-developed, functional, and very beautiful site.

If this sounds a bit like a job description, it is. I would invite the new publisher(s) to continue the Tumblr blog sites. Tumblr is extremely easy to update, and user-friendly, much more so than Wordpress or Blogspot, speaking as objectively as possible. One more thing about Tumblr the physical appearance of any blog sites could instantly given a completely new format, and home pages, in a single mouse click, (per site), with all data appearing in exactly the right place. Re-formatting, in other words, occurs seamlessly. Each poem is easily be tagged with the poet's name and descriptions as nature, Buddhism, Taoism, etc, for easy recall in Search on Tumblr. Also, Tumblr is free for users and for those who host their own Tumblr sites (or Tumbrls). Many, many fine site designs are also free (with a slight charge for others).

The new publisher could assume the maintenance of the Tumblr blog sites themselves, or if they wish me to continue in this, I would. If they don't wish to do so, or if no new publisher of TGL emerges, I will continue to maintain the blog sites. For me, as publisher and editor, it is far earlier to publish, edit and maintain the blogs, than to publish and maintain TGL. Other publishers and editors might well prefer to work on a beautiful website. I'm hoping to attract such a person(s) and ask your help, as our own very special Authors and Friends, may of whom have been receiving site updates about TGL, for years.


Paul Dolinsky, Publisher and Editor, TheGoldenLantern.com