Portrait of a Romance

by Charles Entrekin

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The detail that makes Entrekin's latest poetic collection unique is that the author has included an element of storytelling to the work, unusual for a book of poems. Composed over a period of years, the reader is offered a tantalizing glimpse into a developing relationship. From the beginning, tentative erotic encounters to a full-blossomed and lush love story, the book is an intimate portrait of the growing love between the author and his future wife. The collection explores the multiple words that ancient Greeks use to express the many types and ever- changing nature of "love." The tome is illustrated with original pen-and-ink artwork, DNA- strand snippets inspired by the poems themselves, by renowned artist Ross Drago. This tiny book has the potential to be a hugely inspiring collectible.

Book Reviews

Jon Ford, Founding Editor of Poetry Flash considers Entrekin's work sophisticated: "Entrekin's control of sound patterns is considerably more sophisticated than we find among many West Coast poets–it is refreshing to hear a poet that can sing...."

Rutgers University Professor Emerita Alicia Ostriker, (The Crack in Everything, At the Revelation Restaurant and Other Poems) recognizes the masculinity of Entrekin's poetic voice: "These are a man's poems, about men and women. Poems that see the distance between what we need in life and what we can get. I love the frankness in Entrekin's writing and trust its moments of pleasure and hope."