by Keith Dunlap

Keith Dunlap inhabits and comfortingly explores the landscape of his poetry in his debut volume, Storyland, and invites the reader into that world. Once inside Keith’s world, at ease with the language of that inner life, we get to ride with him in his imagination through the quotidian and the extravagant in ways that make every experience worth holding onto, remembering, examining, reflecting on for some time to come. Each poem is like an object that Keith picks up and investigates.

I often still feel when standing at the edge of something unfathomable—
that it is important that we not understand too much,
that one can be initiated into a conspiracy
without a single word being exchanged,
that this immensity can’t help but rise above its limits,
overflow, and overtake us with its callous trajectory.

     (“The Invitation,” Keith Dunlap)

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