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The Golden Lantern was launched in 1998 by David McInerney. The site didn't have its own domain, and the only poems on it were Dave's haiku. Soon, however, poets began submitting their work for publication, and there has been a steady stream of submissions every since. By 2005 there were 50 contributing authors.

In 1999, The Golden Lantern moved to its own domain, TheGoldenLantern.com, and went through a complete redesign. In October 2001 the site was once again transformed to accommodate growing participation and expanded features. In January 2005, a Commerce page was added to entice advertisers and offer a new service, print publishing.

We're proud to be a part of four webrings. They've ensured a steady stream of traffic by poetry buffs and Eastern-minded people alike. We want to thank all our visitors for their patronage—we hope the poetry on this site has inspired them in some way.

We are very proud of the quality of the writing from our contributing authors. After launching this site and receiving submissions from all over the world, it became apparent that there is a lot of good writing going on out there. The Golden Lantern is lucky to have had the opportunity to showcase these great poems.

All our best to the poets, writers, readers, and meditators out there who have supported us. Thank you!

The Golden Lantern is published quarterly. As of the summer, 2013, Paul Dolinsky, who is the Editor, has also assumed the role of  Publisher. Dave continues to provide financial support for hosting, and also very kindly continues to provide technical support, as Paul develops facility with the publishing features.

The Golden Lantern Staff

Founder & Financial Sustainer of the TGL.com, David McInerney. David McInerney is a clinician, writer, and sculptor living in Brooklyn, New York.  He has a Masters in Counseling Psychology with Emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.  Dave maintains a private psychotherapy practice in New York City. Please check out his site at http://lotustreetherapy.com/

Publisher and Editor, Paul Dolinsky. Paul is a teacher and healer with a doctorate in philosophy and has taught Eastern and Western philosophy in college. He has also done counseling. Paul's more recent poetry could be read at   http://tumblngphilopoet.tumblr.com  His poetry books are for sale on Amazon and in eBook form at Lulu.com. He also does freelance writing and editing. Paul's email is pdolan@fairpoint.net.

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