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Namaste! Welcome to The Golden Lantern

Important Announcement on the Future of TheGoldenLantern.com

UPDATE - 3-7-14

My thanks and sincere gratitude go to Charles and Gail Entrekin, publishers of Hip Pocket Press.com (HPP), for their graciousness toward The Golden Lantern.com (TGL). They've given TGL a new life, or rather, an afterlife, in their willingness to host it on their site as an archive file, under Friends of HPP.

For over 15 years, TGL published hundreds of poems contributed by close to a hundred authors in the area of Eastern spirituality The site was founded and funded by Dave McInerney, who also published it during most of its life as an independent site. I was the editor for about 13 years, and published it, near the end.

TGL is a beautiful, and beautifully crafted site. It features name banners, which resemble custom-made plaques, for each poet. A listing of all contributors appears on a customized Author's Page. The site is unique. To be listed, and have your poems appear in TGL, was perhaps comparable to having your work published in a gilt-edged book, with customized authors' pages, and inscribed lettering. The site won awards for excellence in design, and enjoyed praise from its many contributors. Over the years, many contributors and friends of TGL have also been contributors and friends of Hip Pocket Press. I've also had the pleasure of reviewing poetry books by HPP authors.

So, by all means, stay for a while, and enjoy the poems on TGL, during your visit to HPP.

The hosting for TGL will expire on 3-17-14. If the site is not here, before that time, it may have moved to its new hom on Hip Pocket Press.com, under Friends of HPP.

Paul Dolinsky, tumblngphilopoet.tumblr.com

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